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Contains ingredients involved in the synthesis and activity of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter important for learning, memory, and downregulation of the immune response*

Calm CP

Decreases cortisol levels and provides ingredients important for calm, sleep, and management of blood sugar*

Pain Recovery Pack

Combination package containing two supplement formulas developed for an Acute Care Protocol. <br /><br />Package contains Zymain®, indicated during the acute phase of treatment for the reduction of inflammation, and Salizain™ for natural pain relief. <br /><br />Packaged together for a comprehensive and value-priced treatment protocol that improves patient compliance and optimizes recovery.

Magnesium 60ct

Mag- Plus includes three forms of highly absorbed magnesium for a variety of protocols.

Dermal Repair Cream

Dermal Repair Cream is appropriate for normal to dry skin types. This ultra rich facial cream intensely hydrates and helps replenish moisture. It's also perfect for use during periods of dry weather or as a nighttime moisturizer.

$ 100.00 USD
Estrovera 30ct

Plant-Derived Menopausal Hot Flash Relief Estrovera’s key ingredient, ERr731, has been used safely and effectively for over 20 years and is supported by clinical studies. Estrovera provides relief for multiple menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes, sleep disturbances, mood swings, irritability, anxiety, and sexual problems.*

Ultimate Biotic 60ct

Ultimate Biotic includes a carefully assembled cast of probiotic organisms to support microflora balance and maintain a healthy environment for vitamin uptake and optimal immune function.

Coratin 60ct

Red Yeast Rice & Plant Sterol Combination<br /><br />Coratin® features red yeast rice and a balanced combination of plant sterols. Vitamin K2 has been added in specific forms for better utilization.

Retinol 1.0

Enhances skin tone, texture, and resiliency<br />Diminishes appearance of fine lines and coarse wrinkles<br />Enhances skin tone and texture<br />Encapsulated with PhytoShield™ Complex, an antioxidant complex, enhancing skin texture and minimizing irritation

$ 70.00 USD
Transfer Factor Plus

4Life's number one immune system product, featuring 4Life Transfer Factor® and well-researched ingredients to balance and support the immune system response*<br />

Ultra Collagen Powder

CollaGEN is formulated to nutritionally support cartilage, tendon, ligament, fascia and skin.

Spencer Mega Health-E Pack 30ct

Spencer Mega Health-E Packs make achieving optimal daily nutrition simple by supplying three cornerstone products in one convenient packet.


Aloe-Eze includes ingredients for ity that work fast, without the artificial additives and associated cramping common in some products.

Balance D

Contains ingredients important for the synthesis of dopamine, a catecholamine important for positive affect, mood, cognition, and craving control*


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