PRP Stem Cell Joint Therapy

Platelet rich plasma is proven to be highly beneficial for connective tissue regeneration. The platelets initiate homeostasis (the stopping of bleeding) and balance the inflammatory response, which is necessary during the healing process. Growth factors target specific cells to stimulate healing activities, which is why this treatment can effectively be applied to centralized areas.

Let’s take a deeper look into how the procedure actually goes.

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The Process

A skilled technician will draw the patient’s own blood (similar to a lab test). The blood is then placed in a sterile centrifuge which spins the blood at high speeds. This process separates the patient’s own platelets from the other blood components. The platelets are then concentrated, resuspended and reinjected into the arthritic joint or injured area by our PRP certified practitioner, Linda Spencer. Once inside the tissue, the platelets release substances known as growth factors, which lead to initiation of the natural tissue healing process.

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