What are BioTE pellets?

Pellets are tiny, custom-compounded therapies for symptoms that stem from hormonal imbalances. The BioTE method may help keep patient’s hormone levels consistent throughout the day. BioTe pellet therapy utilizes hormones that are bioidentical to those found in the human body.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) With Pellets

When it comes to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) pellets, the BioTE® method of pellet therapy is the preferred choice among physicians. When a patient decides to start the BioTE method of pellet therapy, they may receive as few as two subcutaneous pellet insertions per year—and any needed hormone will be readily available when the body requires it. The BHRT pellets that certified BioTE providers use allow for the natural administration of the necessary hormones.

What Is BHRT?

BHRT stands for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, the type of therapy certified BioTE providers use. Bioidentical is used to convey that the molecular structure is the same as the hormones produced by the human body. Men and women who lack hormones at certain consistent levels or who have too much of a certain hormone may benefit from BHRT.


What Are BHRT Pellets?

Pellets are made of custom compounded hormones and binders. The hormones are compounded in the United States. BioTe outsourcing facilities are held to strict standards with each lot of pellets tested for potency, sterility, and endotoxins. This ensures that our patients receive the best pellet therapy for men and women to achieve hormone optimization.


How Can Patients Optimize Their Hormones?

How do patients learn more about the BioTE method? Providers request extensive lab work looking at current hormone levels and other indicators of a hormone imbalance. Based on a hormone consultation and a review of blood panel, a certified BioTE provider will determine if their candidacy for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Patients will schedule a quick follow-up appointment to review their results and for pellet therapy insertion.


What Is BHRT Pellet Therapy?

The hormones used in BioTE’s method of BHRT are delivered to patients in pellet form, and within two to four weeks, patients may begin to feel hormone therapy benefits. Hormone therapy has helped numerous men and women regain their hormone balance.


What Are the Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

The pellets used in the BioTE method of BHRT are bioidentical, meaning they are structurally the same as hormones produced in the body. These pellets remain within the body for three to six months, releasing hormones.


What Are Pellets?

BioTE Medical utilizes pellet therapy that contains bioidentical hormones custom compounded in pharmacies within the U.S. These pellets are inserted subcutaneously in the body and provide continuous therapeutic support for many conditions that men and women face. Patients may begin to feel the benefits of hormone therapy within four to six weeks.


What May Pellet Therapy Help Relieve?

There are many conditions that may be able to be improved in men and women through pellet therapy including andropause, low mood, anxiousness, low sex drive, decreased bone density, and heart health. Pellet therapy benefits may include the relief of symptoms caused by these conditions, as well as a return to hormonal balance.


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